Regulated data: regulated approval required

Account and Transactions V3 Sandbox

This API, provides the ability for approved/authorised account information providers (AISPs) to access a customer’s (payment service user, PSU) account ...

Payment Initiation V3 Sandbox

This API provides the ability for authorised payment service providers (PISPs, TPPs – third party providers) to initiate domestic payments ...

Confirmation of Funds V3 Sandbox

The API endpoints described here allow a Card Based Payment Instrument Issuer ('CBPII') to: - Register an intent ...

Do I need the Sandbox or the Production Developer Portal?


Open Data or Regulated Data?

Anyone can use the Open Data APIs by visiting our Get Started guide. For Regulated Data, you need regulatory approval.


Do you have approval?

If you're an approved Third Party Provider (TPP), you can log-in through Open Banking. If not, you must start with our sandbox.


Approved and ready to start?

Read our Get Started guide to register your app and subscribe to our APIs.

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