Confirmation of Funds Sandbox

Confirmation of Funds Sandbox

The API endpoints described here allow a Card Based Payment Instrument Issuer ('CBPII') to make a request to confirm funds are available. This API is developed according to the Open Banking Read/Write API Specifications, see

Key Features:

  • Registration of consent to allow CBPII to make requests for funds confirmation
  • Processing of requests to confirm funds are available
  • Process requests for revocation of a previously registered consent

API Documention

Supporting documentation

Confirmation of Funds V3 Sandbox

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Name: Support Mailbox Email:
Default Planlock
Rate limits: 200 per minute
Burst limits: 30 per second
... to use this plan
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ActionPathCall Rate
POST /funds-confirmation-consents 2 rate limits *
GET /funds-confirmation-consents/{ConsentId} 2 rate limits *
DELETE /funds-confirmation-consents/{ConsentId} 2 rate limits *
POST /funds-confirmations 2 rate limits *

Use this API

To use this API, you must be registered for Production access in the Open banking Directory.