Open Banking Payment Initiation Sandbox

Open Banking Payment Initiation Sandbox

This API provides the ability for authorised payment service providers (PISPs, TPPs – third party providers) to initiate domestic payments setup new domestic scheduled payments & domestic standing orders. The TPPs will be able to initiate requests directly from the customer’s (PSU- payment service user) current - personal or business - accounts, after being granted consent. This API is developed according to the Open Banking Read/Write API Specifications, see

Key Features:

  • Domestic payments (in GBP)
  • Domestic scheduled payments (in GBP)
  • Domestic standing orders (in GBP)

New in this version: Santander implemented a number of improvements aimed at enhancing the customer experience by offering a wider range of services for which the Open Banking – payment initiation functionality can be applied. All instructions will be setup through the chosen and authorised third party provider for a specific amount, to a specific payee, on a specific future date / on a number of specified future dates or on a regular basis and initiated and executed by Santander.

What can you do?

  1. Register an intent to setup a payment instruction.
  2. Optionally confirm available funds for the specific instruction (domestic payments and immediate international payments only)
  3. Subsequently submit the payment instruction for processing
  4. Optionally retrieve the status of a payment setup or submission

Who can have access to the API? Access to the Payment Initiation Service API is limited to approved/authorised PISPs. Approval and authorisation is managed by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (FCA, see and other relevant competent authorities across the EU. Approved/Authorised organisations should then be enrolled to use the Open Banking Directory. By successfully accomplishing these prerequisites, a PISP will obtain the necessary digital identities and certificates which enable organisations to securely connect and communicate via the Open Banking Security Profile in a standard manner and to best protect all parties within the Open Banking ecosystem.

API Documention

Supporting documentation

Payment Initiation V3 Sandbox

Reference documentation Download swagger spec


Name: Santander Service Desk Email:
Default Planlock
Rate limits: 10 per minute
Burst limits: 10 per minute
... to use this plan
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ActionPathCall Rate
POST /domestic-payments 2 rate limits *
GET /domestic-payments/{domestic_payment_id} 2 rate limits *
POST /domestic-scheduled-payments 2 rate limits *
POST /domestic-standing-orders 2 rate limits *
GET /domestic-scheduled-payments/{domestic_scheduled_payment_id} 2 rate limits *
GET /domestic-standing-orders/{domestic_standing_order_id} 2 rate limits *

Use this API

To use this API, you must be registered for Production access in the Open banking Directory.